GodsGifts1888: Do you expect to work on virtual pets and if so how interactive can they get?

Yes – we’re working on a handful already including one character who will be very familiar to you!


With regards to the Xi museum what can we expect to see from it and will it get updated?

We’ll announce more about it nearer the time. It’ll feature all the content from the Alumni Hub, plus some additional games from Xi which weren’t in the Alumni Hub, it looks nicer, it has challenges to complete and it has a museum shop full of some VERY cool Xi items :)


We love nDreams and well could we get an apartment reminiscent of Xi!!??

There will be some VERY cool Xi items in the museum shop :)


EdwCarnbyAny plans for new Home rewards from the Xi Museum?



Fitches: Is there any plans to make another ARGO in Home that expands into the real world?

Here at nDreams towers, it’s a topic never far from our minds…


Do you plan on making more apartments and if so what will there theme be also what will they include?

Yes. But we’d rather keep our plans secret for now.


Will any spaces you make be “Global”?

Hopefully yes – we’re fully committed to launching all our content in all Home regions wherever possible.


EFC-LUKE-EFC: Do you have any plans to update musicality as it needs and update

Not at the moment, but we’d welcome feedback on what you’d like to see – email Stapler with your ideas and comments (stapler@ndreams.com) and he’ll let us know what everyone wants.


Any plans to bring out music devices ?

Not at the moment, but we’d love to be able to do this. If you like music in Home, keep an eye on the Xi Museum.


Grim_log: One of the things I think most home users like to see, is the ability to use their avatars in games. Do you have any plans to develop home as a games platform and in doing so, create gaming experiences that feel personal to the individual user?

Yes, yes, yes. We have some hugely ambitious plans for this kind of stuff – our heart is in big gaming experiences and we think this is exactly the direction that Home is heading. 2011 is going to be HUGE in this regard, I think…


Upon looking at your website, I have noted that you have worked quite closely with Lewis Hamilton on a project away from, do you have any future plans in the foreseeable future to work with any other British talents within the Playstation Home platform?

Nothing I can confirm yet. I am getting daily pressure from the team to hire Brian Blessed to do voiceovers for our Home videos!


AMG999222: What’s your Inspiration when developing Playstation Home content ?

We want everything we do to be based around quality and innovation. So we’re much more likely to release a huge game space or a new interactive item that does something you haven’t seen in Home before than make 200 different hats. We’re aiming to push Home all the time.


Do you have any new partnerships which you would like to announce for developing new content?

Not at the moment.


M3RL1NS_N3M3S1S: With the special Preview of your new home space after being leaked to the net, can we have a high res trailer of the new space?

Of course you can. Soon.


J-Matt-: When do you expect to have the Aurora space be fully completed and released??

When it’s ready :)


Pongo86: Could you reveal the secret behind the barcode poster in the Musicality personal space?

I could. But I’d have to kill you afterwards.


Spenny_94: Do you have any intentions to release a future Xi (other than the museum)?

We’re trying really hard to make this happen.


The_FPS: Some spaces for Xi (most notably Jesse’s apt) are variations of Sony spaces. Were nDreams involved in original development of these spaces? What other “original” Home features/spaces were developed by nDreams?

We’ve been given permission to mention the various Sony spaces we’ve worked on, so we’ll be putting these onto the Home section of our website soon! The space you mentioned was created by Sony, but we have been behind most of the monthly Sony event spaces and games for the last year.


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