Dead Rising 2 was one of my most anticipated games of 2010 and I personally loved it, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have flaws.

I personally am a massive zombie fan, all zombie films and games I love! Which is why when I heard Dead Rising 2 was coming out on PS3 I wet my pants! The day finally came when I got to play this game, and I instantly loved it, the sheer idea of living in a zombie apocalypse astounds me with awesomeness, but living in an Zombie Apocalypse in Fortune city Las Vegas went off the scale!

Basically you play as Chuck Greene, an ex motocross…guy who is taking part in a zombie killing show called TIR to earn money to buy his daughter who has been bitten buy a zombie her medicine called Zombrex. Throughout the game (if you actually choose to do the missions) Zombrex goes from a major importance to a massive annoyance, In the middle of a Case Study or Mission as normal people call it, an alert that your daughter will need Zombrex in an hour. Sometimes you cut it so close that your only choice is going off, finding Zombrex, waiting for Katy to need it, then doing the case study, pretty annoying if your one of those people who just wants to play the story, then play thought it again and screw around.

What I really love about this game is the way you kill zombies. You can find awesome weapon combos to make some killer items to aid your zombie killing needs. Axe and a massive hammer? Hand me the duct tape and lets go. The amount of customization in this game really stands out, 80% of items alone can be combined to make new weapons or just something for a laugh, like the drinking helmet made by combining beer and a builders helmet. You can dress Chuck in a huge range of clothes, and as long as I’ve been playing it, and the amount of times I’ve completed it, I still haven’t found all the clothes or weapons! Theres a hell of a lot of stuff to do in this game, which adds up to a massive replay value. That makes what ever price you pay for this game, good value.

Another thing which made me cry with awesomeness is the idea that you can do what ever you want! Don’t feel like saving the truth in the Missions or ‘Case Studies’, well then don’t! Just run around killing zombies and getting all the weapon combos. In fact I’ve only done the correct ending once, the rest of the time I spend in Coop with friends just killing zombies. As well as Case Studies and saving your daughters life (which is a pain in the ass most of the time) there are various other things that pop up. I guess you could call them side missions. They either involve rescuing survivors and taking them back to the safe house, or killing a psychopath with MAJOR issues. Me being the caring person that I am, normally kills the survivors, sounds sick I know but heres why.

The survivors suck! they either get themselves killed or get stuck behind things! Why! So I say find your own damn safe house! The psychopath battles can be fun, but sometimes your in that ‘oh for god sake leave me alone’ mood, and could really do without them.

Overall Dead Rising 2 is a brilliant game which has awesome customization, outstanding drop in drop out Coop, and excellent freedom to do what you like. If you liked Shaun of the dead, or Zombieland, I’d be sure to pick this game up.


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