Sony love their Collectors Editions, and since the God of War III Ultimate Edition in 2009 almost every Sony 1st-Party game has been given the Collectors Edition treatment, and inFAMOUS 2 is no different.

The recently announced ‘Hero Edition’ ups the Collectors Edition stakes once more, (and you thought the Killzone 3 Helghast Edition was impressive) and as well as featuring the Special Edition version of the game, which includes ‘a stunning HD 3D lenticular cover’ as well as a DLC code to download the ‘Electrocution Grenade’ limited edition power, the ‘Original Cole’ skin and a golden version of the Amp weapon. The ‘Hero Edition’ also additional DLC  – ‘Lightning Hook’ exclusive power, ‘Kessler’ skin and the Original Soundtrack. But that’s not all folks, it also includes the inFAMOUS prequel comic book from DC Comics,  a Cole figurine and a replica of Cole’s Slingbag. So now you too can deliver Weapons of Mass Destruction in style*

No word on pricing, release date or which retailers will be stocking this extremely limited edition pack, but be sure to keep your eyes right here on for all the latest happenings in the world of PlayStation.

*we here at do not condone the delivery of WMD’s or the destruction of cities, through the misplacement of Ray Sphere devices, we do however fully support the replica bag being used to deliver bakery goods such as dough nuts or the occasional Iced Bun.

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