If you loved the original Little Big Planet game as much as I did then I’m sure you couldn’t wait for Little Big Planet 2 to hit the scene, and Wow, what a game.

People often ask me when I say, LBP 2, ‘How can they make another one?’ Well, adding thousands of new objects, a way better story, way more high tech machines and creatures, and adding all new ways to actually play the game, Thats how they make a second one. Honestly I was slightly disappointed with the Little Big Planet 2 demo, along with many others, but I still had hope as I was in the Beta and knew the game had a lot more to offer. Not liking Little Big Planet is like telling the Terminator to go @$%^ himself, and as we all know, that wont end well.

So, lets break this review down into three sections like the game, Play, Create, Share. Play first. Is the story any better? Hell yeah, you bet it is! I actually enjoyed every level in LBP 2, where as in LBP 1 it felt like some levels were there simply to fill time and prolong the game, this time around they all had meaning and all introduced you to something new. This game may not have as many levels as the original, but many story levels have a new feature Mm call ‘Level Links’ which directly transport you to a separate level to prolong the level and add to the story, so that makes up for the absence of the missing levels. Remember those Challenges that you got by collecting keys in LBP1? Those meaningless, pointless and most of the time boring levels? Well boring some still may be, but who cares, they have added prizes at the end! Prizes in a level are like LBP Drugs, Apart from those annoying levels online when you get 200 prizes at the end and are like ‘Damn dude, you just erased all my cool stuff! You son of a…’ and so on. No LBP level would be complete without a healthy dosage of prizes and stickers, they add to the fun of the game, and also have uses, such as sticker switch triggers which, you guessed it, earn you more prizes! Overall it took me around 8-10 hours to do the story with around 80% prizes and goodies won. This is normally where a game ends for most people, but wait! This is LBP! Theres infinite quantities of levels online to play! And you can make your own to!

Ok old news to us LBP Veterans, but Create mode is well enhanced in LBP 2 with a whole range of new tools and character enhancers to make your levels all the more fun! Theres all that technical stuff again, and thats literally what I call it, all these things to be wired together, Yeah, I tend to have a few failed experiments with that stuff, but the tutorials in LBP 2 are actually helpful and should make you a creative whiz in no time! The addition of Sackbots really helps. If you feel like making a Zombie Survival Level (says the crazy zombie fanatic) and want actual zombies to come at you and kill you, you can! No need for that cardboard on annoying legs that always fall over. Need an annoying person to follow  sackboy though the level like a stalker (am I allowed to make that reference? I am? Ah good) well now you can, and if you simply just want to have a character that wears the same clothes or looks the same, you simply hook up a Sackbot to a Controlinator, which is another great technical thing (yes thing) added in LBP2. Reviewing the controllinator is like an Advert. Tired of grabbing sponge to drive a car? Tired of those leavers that always go the wrong way? Well now theres THE CONTROLINATOR. Deep advert voices aside, the conrolinator allows you to directly hook up the SIXAXIS Controller to any part of an object in the game. So yes, Analogue Stick driving, Woo! Pressing R1 to shoot, Woo! Grabbing Sponge to drive a car forward!, Boo. I could bang on for hours about create mode and its awesomeness but I’ve gotta wrap this thing up.

So lastly we go onto Share, and theres not much to say here really. You can publish your levels online, link them to others so you can extend them and not have to put the infamous “SORRY OVERHEATED MORE SOON” message at the end of your level. You can make the copyable, or lock them if you and your friends made a level for a joke about someone and are like ‘Ohhh your not seeing this’, but I’m sure were not all that sneaky. So to end this review of an awesome, awesome game, (Yeah it deserves 2 awesome’s!) I would really recommend it to anyone, literally anyone, Theres fighting games for your brother, Fairy and girly stuff for…girls, Shoot em’ ups for your average hardcore badass (attach Photo of Duke Nukem Here) and relaxing levels for mum and dad who have had a hard day doing whatever adults do these days, then again, I’m not sure most adults would find the time to just go “Ahh hard day today, LBP time!” but never the less, its a game for everyone, and best of all, I love it.


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