Playstation Home gets a fairly small update this week, but some new and exciting content still arrives!

PixelJunk Monsters adventures into Playstation Home this week, including some rather neat furniture, making your apartment, literally turn out to be part of a scene from the game itself! Awesome right?

Lockwood also brings some news in this week, from there SodiumOne Space, this is what they had to say:

Lockwood Publishing are proud to announce the new Sodium Hovertank Rental Scheme. As of this Thursday at any Sodium Commerce Point you too can access the full 50 levels of explosive Salt Shooter Action for one day, two days or a full week, for low, low prices.

To celebrate this new way to play, we’ll be doubling the amount of Gold, Silver and Silicon available in game for all valid rental ticket and Sodium Pilot Outfit holders for the next seven days. More resources means even more Sodium Credits to use at the VICKIE shop.

“Never has it been easier to get into the action.”

“Figment represents a change of pace for Lockwood and a move to high-end formalwear. Figment is all about elegance, poise and show stopping style in the form of Stunning evening dresses, chic jewelled sandals, handsome trilby hats and smart brogues.”

Figment is about being able to stride confidently into any party, room or restaurant knowing you look great. But most of all, Figment is about imagination and the ability to combine separate items in ways you hadn’t considered before to produce even more incredible looks and outfits. The power is yours!

Hopefully next week, will be a much larger update, but from us here at PSER, we will try and book some interviews with 3rd party developers working on Playstation Home, so you can see what’s going on behind the scenes!

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