LG has managed to win a 10 day import ban for the whole of Europe for the Playstation 3. Already custom officials in Holland have already seized tens of thousands of PS3s, and still climbing!

The ban could effect the stocks within the shops for within 3 weeks! That’s without the ban being extended, which could happen. LG claims that Sony PS3s (Playstation 3) infringe a number of patents relating to the playback of Blu-Ray discs.

Not only that, LG have been seeking, and determined to get a ban in the USA, under the US International Trade Commission.

However, Solictors are saying that LG are making a very high stake, in what they are trying to achieve, and could effect them, if the judge rules it as invalid.

Michael Coyle said:

“It will have to pay an astonishing amount of money if a judge rules that its patent is invalid. When a firm seeks to have goods seized they make an undertaking to pay for storage and compensation,” he said.

Rows between firms, is nothing new in the business industry, but are nothing as big compared to large cooperation’s with big pockets, like these two companies, and could effect other business.

Michael Coyle:

“Patents are very subjective so a patent claim is very risky,” said Mr Coyle.

However, when we got in contact with both companies, both firms neither wanted to comment on the dispute.

We will keep you updated, so make sure to check back here soon!

Source: BBC News

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