Sony achieved to win the first round of the LG Blu-Ray patent infringement. Making the court lifiting the seizure order of the Playstation 3 stock. LG will have to pay a fine of €130k and for everyday LG does not pay, the fine will go up by €200k.

Allowing Sony to distribute all consoled, which were seized in the Netherlands, to be taken across Europe. They had seized around 300,000 units a value of €43 million.

However, Sony may have won this battle, but this is still ongoing case, so if LG are seeking to get a payment from all the Blu-Ray devices Sony have sold, it will cost Sony around $2.50 per unit. Making Sony having to Pay a total of $180 Million, for the Blu-Ray devices sold.

However, Sony will be shipping a further 15,000-20,000 Playstation 3 units into Europe.


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