Sony Have revealed at GDC2011 That Home truely is a force to be reckoned with.

Thier First announcement was of a future client build 1.5 Which promise’s to bring a better physics engine not for the users but for home developers both in house and3rd party.An Example Was shown of this By the Poject aptly name Sodium 2 Project velocity from One of  Homes most well known developers “Lockwood Publishing” they had the example below to wet our apetites with :).

Now Im Sure that has more than wet your appetite with home goodness so far but i have even more news.

Sony has also further Announced that Playstation home has passsed the 19 million mark and this goes for every account that has downloaded the free to use platform from the XMB.

It Doesnt Reveal the Daily user amount or how many times those accounts log in in say a week as those numbers are firmly under wraps but even at that with the PSN userbase hitting 70 million i think these numbers show that over to short years how home as a community driven and based platform for the PS3 is growing and allowing PS3 users to connect in ways only the minds of sony can dream of and make a reality

Well i see a pay rise for good ole Jack buser in the future if these numbers keep up

So Maybe it’s time for those who dont use the platform or have opinions upon it to take another look as the numbers dont lie :D

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