With The delay of the title i think its time we get this review up





So Let’s start our engines :smileyvery-happy: sure it’s only the demo but the mechanics Shown in this compared to any of the motorstorm predecessors is truely remarkable and well unbeleiveable the way the enviroments acts with both the player and the track.Each Lap is truely different and not one lap will ever be the same no matter how many times you run it.


This in turn adds a very different emelent and style of gameplay to the series that i personally have not seen in any other game that ive played or came across and i feel that this aspect of the game is something that will appeal to new users to check out the game and furthermore the series itself


Think about it what game currently on the market on any console that you know of has this style and standard of gameplay



That Picture Alone is enough to wetten any one’s appeitite for racing goodness and graphically the picture is vere close to what you see gameplay wise from the game it’self


I wont bore you all to death with other things i could write here but the game does show real promise for the current game market and i think with the new and inuatitive gameplay in this title they are filling in a part of the racing market that has been requested for god knows how long :smileyhappy:





Trust Me when i say this will be the first thing you notice in apocalypse is the upped anty of the graphics the team behind it have used the SDK and pushed it probably to breaking point but as a gamer i say if it dont break it use it.


Which im proud to say they have as the graphics even at demo phase truely are remarkable even when the enviroment is in complete destructions sequence it doesnt hinder the games graphics anywere else which has happened in other titles.


Although i will say one thing about the water may just be me but it seems as if little effort has been placed into that portion of the game hope it’s just me though


All round though the graphics demonstrated show why the PS3 is a market leader in the 7th Gen console market and with exclusive titles like this the 70 million wide PSN audience i am sure will be pleased to have this title at their bedside




The Demo allows you two choices either race what i would take to be a drifting car or a motorbike both of these have different standings in the race


Although with the knowledge of racing both the Bikes Steering mechanics really need a look at as they seem to rigid and tight to what a superbike would properly race like i know it’s know GT5 but it is an issue to me i think needs addressing.


Some of the drifts you can pull in the car are remarkable i dont even think they would be possible in real life but it shows the exact possibility games have when tweaked to perfection.


Not to dwelve to long on this but the Enviroment WOAH!!! . As ive said not one lap is ever the same you can choose to go one way or the other but with the destruction of your track differing each Lap it adds a new persona to driving more multiple choice on which route you race and its not just one destruction per track it’s a few so it keeps things interesting and at times tricky


The nos feature we know we use it we love it however i feel the tank now doesnt do much for you or last long not sure if it’s demo specific but the nos although a handy tool may be something i wont use unless needed when the game hits the shops


But all round the gameplay is great keeps you amused and entertained and keeps the true style of the motorstorm series alive which is great to see they haven’t lost that original edge




Final Thoughts


Not Sure what to say the demo really is great but improvement wise theres only the things ive stated for me personally to have a perfect game


But This demo shows that when the game comes to stores it is a force to be reckoned with and will surely surpass the development costs in sales:smileyvery-happy:


Only thing the demo lacked was some online perspective but hey we cant have it all but im sure if the demo is anything to go by the online side of things are gonna be great


So thats it all done i await the games arrival and will through a review up for the full Title



and the demos scores are below



Gameplay – 9.7/10

Graphics – 10/10

Enviroment – 10/10

Replay Value – 10/10

Overall Review score 9.9/10


So Congrats on an awesome demo and i humbly await the full game


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