nDreams has officially released there Aurora space within Playstation Home. Here’s patrick to give us a bit of description about the space.

Patrick O’Luanaigh:

Aurora is a beautiful floating archipelago, and will be nDreams official ‘HQ’ in Home. On launch, players can help power the islands by taking part in OrbRunner, or check out the Aurora Defence preview to see some stunning views of Aurora from the air. Players can gain experience every day and climb from level to level, with secret rewards and bonus items given out along the way. Also available is the stunning Aurora Island apartment which includes an action-packed playable combat game (which also provides experience points) as players help defend the skies of Aurora from a range of lethal enemies. And there are also several unique new items in the Aurora shop. Aurora will be evolving regularly with lots of new games and content on the way. Keep coming back regularly to make sure you don’t miss out!

A lot of exciting idea’s are also being planned to be heading into the Aurora space over time. Within the space, players can level up each day when they head into the space within Playstation home. All they need to do is play the OrbRunner and Aurora Defence ( if they own the Aurora Island Apartment) to gain experience and win hidden reward items!

You can also buy items that can make you level up a lot quicker, from the  Aurora Shop which is a new, and hasn’t been seen before. You can also purchase Aurora Defence apartment from the shop which is; a floating island with a working turret cannon which you can use to fend off attacking craft.

That’s all for now, but we will make sure, to keep update on all Aurora related content, so follow us on twitter, for those updates, as well as our Youtube videos, where you can check trailers and more videos out from Playstation Home.


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