Way back in 2009 Sony released a HD Collection of the first to God of War games to coincide with the launch of God of War III, it proved extremely popular with gamers. And so the Classics HD range was born. As well as being able to play classic PlayStation 2 titled remastered in High Definition, one of the biggest draws was in the addition of Trophies, and in some cases, addition content not included in the original release. Since God of War, Sony have also released The Sly Collection and announced a Classics HD release for Team ICO’s critically acclaimed,  but overlooked PS2 masterpieces – ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. Both Sly and Team ICO Collections have been given the 3D treatment with Sly even including Move Supported mini games. Even the third parties are getting in on the action too with Ubisoft offering the Prince of Persia Trilogy and soon to be release Splinter Cell Trilogy and the folks at Eidos have just released the Tomb Raider Collection.

The Classics HD Collections not only offer great value for money (as all of them contain multiply games) but they offer those who may of missed them first time round, a chance to experience some truly remarkable games. I never got to play the Sly Cooper games on PS2, but after enjoying Sucker Punch’s other title – inFAMOUS I decided to give the Sly Collection a go and I would highly recommend it. No only do the characters and gameplay still stand up today, it has 3 Platinum Trophies – yes 3! So not only will you get hours of great gaming for around £20 you’ll also get 3 of the most fun and achievable Platinum Trophies to boot. Rumored to be getting the Classics HD treatment next is Insomniacs Ratchet & Clank games, SquareEnix’s Final Fantasy Collection and Konami are believed to be working on ‘sexing up’ the first 3 Metal Gear Solid titles (I’m dribbling thinking of all those delicious Trophies)

So whats does the future hold for the Classics HD brand? Well given their short development times and low costs to create, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a few more titles hitting the PlayStation 3 in all their shiny new HD glory, at some point in the future. But what would you like to see become the next Classics HD? Let us know in the comments field below or better still head over to the forums and vent your knowledge bubbles there.

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