Hey there, My name is Alex, and I am the CEO and Founder of Playstationer.net, and I would like to unveil to you all today, Playstationer.net !

The past few months have been nerve wrecking for all of us, not knowing when the site was going to be finished, and with many personal things getting in the way, But Alas ! Here we are, 3 months later, with our grand spanking new site :D.

First of all, I would like to thank all the Staff for all their contributions over the past few months, Especially Jake, The Co-Founder and Business Manager for contacting so many companies to arrange so many goodies for you guys that will be announced in the coming weeks and months.

So, what can you expect from us ? – Well, first of all, Regular updates on the blog of the latest Playstation news, along with Reviews, and Articles on gaming in general, Such as Adwil24’s post “Heavy War” which gives an insight on war games, and if its really all about mindless killing. We will also be teaming up with lots of vloggers, bloggers, podcasters and everything in-between to provide you with exclusives, and just getting those people out there, providing them with a large audience. Our first partner is waterfields1, which you may know from his weekly vlog “PS3 News with Waterfields1”, will be posted on the site every week. We will also be looking into working with other people and other projects, so if your interested, please dont hesitate to email myself at alex[@]playstationer.net .

We also plan on building a friendly and welcoming community over on our Forum, so check it out, become a part of the community, where there will be plenty of other Playstationers to socialise with.

We will also be having loads of competitions for our members, to win some awesome goodies, more info in a later blog post.

We designed this site with functionality and accessibility in mind, thats why in the header, beside the search bar you will find flags, and when you click on each of these it will translate the site into your language of choice, there are currently 6 languages to choose from, English, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, and we plan on including a few more languages over time, including Irish, Seeing how the site is Irish and all that :D. Alors ! Vous pouvez maintenant consulter notre website a n’importe où ! We have also included a menu bar for our members in the header, there, you can log in and out, Read your PM’s and edit your profile.

We believe a great website, comes with great responsibility… and making awesome decisions, and not forgetting, making the community happy. So we have a team of specialists from Editors, to even web developers who are evolving this site to make it a full packed of fun of things to do, and read up on. It’s also a place we want you to feel happy to use, and not something that is incredibly hard to get around when using the site.

We have so much coming in the next coming weeks, we’re surprised as to how much support we’re getting from you guys and many game developers, publishers and normal retailers. So we will be pushing our limits, and if your interested in joining the team here at Playstationer.net, then go to our jobs page and apply!

We always are looking for new people to join the team, so be affaid to contact us :)

Well, that’s all from me this week, but will hopefully see you all on the forums, and not forgetting updating you here on our Blog. Own a Playstation? Then you my friend are a Playstationer!

CEO of Playstationer.net

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