Last week saw the the release of PlayStation Move Heroes, what’s the big deal about that you wonder? Well it’s the first Move-required 1st party released since PlayStation Move launched in September 2010, but for a product that’s E3 debut tagline was ‘This Changes Everything’, have Sony given up on Move already or are their plans still in Motion?

PlayStation Move was announced to great fanfares from around the gaming world – Sony said it’s launch plans for Move were on par with a new console release, developers praised it functionalities over the Nintendo Wii Remote and Kevin Butler insisted it was ‘crazy precise’  but for the average gamer the PlayStation Move was merely Sony’s attempt at copying Nintendo. When in fact the technology that later became the Move motion controller, was in R&D way back in 2001. I saw it for myself at ECTS in London. Back then it was running on PS2, but the basis of a camera tracking a light or colour source, where plain to see. So Sony have been working on this for a long time, way before the release of Wii.

Those who have tried Move know it’s works and it’s far more that a rip-off of other motion controllers. So why is something thats been in development for so long and that quite clearly adds something new, gaining so little support from Sony? Move support has and will be included in some big titles like Killzone 3, Dead Space Extraction, SOCOM Special Forces and recently announced Resistance 3, but for a piece of technology that works so well it needs standalone gaming experiences that will offer something more that just tired ports or shoe-horned inclusion.

So whats next for Move? The only announced Move-required game due for release is Sorcery, but since it’s first showing little else has been said about it and with E3 on it’s way in June, Sony’s focus then will be the upcoming new handheld ‘NGP’ will they announce the ‘killer app’ that PlayStation Move so desperately needs, or will a 3rd party studio step up to the plate?

Once again, your thoughts are welcomed below in the comments section or head over to the forum and discuss the future of PS3 motion controlled gaming there.

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