PlayStation Home was updated this thursday, with new content, including a update to the Novus Prime space, with Novus Prime: Escalation, more information from Hellfire Games below:

Novus Prime, the hit multiplayer space shooter from Hellfire Games, receives its biggest update ever this week with Novus Prime: Escalation. Consider it less of an update and more of an expansion, featuring all-new missions, new weapons, new personal space, and new companions, plus new enemies, clothing, leaderboards, and more.

Embark with your squadron on intense new missions, unravelling the insidious plots of the Bot armada. Discover the secrets of the unknown in “The Mysterious Hulk,” and attempt to survive the onslaught of “Dark Beacons” and “Extermination Agenda” – if you think you’re up to the challenge. Face off against the assault of deadly newcomers in the defence of Novus Prime and the Earth Fleet.

Lockwood will also be update there Cucumber range of furntiure this week, with some awesome outside summer furniture.. oh and not forgetting the BBQ ;)

With the Spring Equinox gone, the evenings getting longer, and the days warmer Lockwood Publishing are here with the perfect addition to warm days in gardens, on porches and patios.

This latest edition to our Cucumber furniture range should bring everything you need for any outdoor event, from a stylish garden party to catching a few rays on a lazy afternoon. J’Adore Outdoor Garden Furniture is stylish, durable, functional and a welcome addition to anyone looking to make the most of the Spring weather in PlayStation Home.

  • J’Adore Outdoor Barbecue – Black Aluminium
  • J’Adore Outdoor Bench – Mahogany
  • J’Adore Outdoor Slatted Chair – Red Oak
  • J’Adore Outdoor Chiminea – Rustic Iron
  • J’Adore Outdoor Patio Table with Umbrella – Seaside Stripe
  • J’Adore Outdoor Barbecue Furniture Pack

Alter Ego, Threads and Furniture store gets a update this week. With sparkling crystal furniture collection and some creature statue available for purchase within the Furniture Store, and in the Threads and Alter Ego store you can purchase hippie outfits, skull helmets and a wraparound.

If your interested in animated items, I also recommend heading into the stuff store, where you can get your very own Train set,  and a fully functioning clock and more.. lets just say.. do you like looking up into the sky at the stars at night? As there might just be something for you in there, if you are! :D

That’s all this week, but will keep you updating on news for weekly updates on PlayStation Home, and the soon release of 1.5v!

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