As a huge Ghostbusters fan, I loved the original Ghostbusters game on the PS3. Then when I heard that a new downloadable Ghostbusters title was coming out, my Ghostbusters geekieness overloaded…until I saw the trailer. Sanctum Of Slime is a stick shooter with a (mostly) top down shooter aspect to it, much like Dead Nation, Alien Breed or Burn Zombie Burn. This of course is a big risk to take, but I supposed that they would do their best in making it a brilliant Ghostbusters game for the fans…then I found out that none of the original Ghostbusters are in it. So at this point I was like “how can they possibly make a Ghostbusters game, without the Ghostbusters?!”. All I could do was wait and see.

So finally the day came, Sanctum Of Slime arrived on the PS Store for the price of £7.19 in the UK, which generally isn’t bad for a Downloadable game. So with an open mind I hit download and before I knew it I was playing Ghostbusters. I played through the first level alone, all I could think to myself was “its ok I guess” but I wanted to be thinking, “Wow! This is awesome!” but I just wasn’t. Then I received an invite from a friend, and after a level or two playing co-op with my friend I really was thinking, “This is awesome”. This game is far better as a co-op game, if your playing alone then get the demo first and see what you think.

So after playing through about 5 stages that are all completely unique your left wondering what the next stage could possibly be, there is a few driving stages in which you need to safely escort the Ecto-4WD back to HQ which can be pretty fun, except the driver is the most notorious driver in the world for breaking down or conveniently hitting things and it does get a little bit “Ohh what a coincidence, some ghosts just happened to make us hit a fire hydrant”. So anyway after another driving stage and fighting this big…train…thing, the stages begin to repeat themselves! Me and my friend were like “Ok what the hell, we played this earlier just in a different order” It really gets boring at this stage, and especially if the CPU Characters are useless most of the time! If you get knocked down the just run into the hordes of ghosts or slime zombies (Yes zombies made from slime) and instead of clearing them first, try torevive you and instead they get their ass handed to them!

Other than the repeating stages, the boss battles are so easy, you literally blast it, blast so little ghost slime things, then blast it some more, and you’re done. There is one stage where you fight all of the bosses in one go but in different rooms. So along with the repeated stages and fighting every boss again, it really feels like they just wanted to push the game out and take all the fans money. For £7.19 it’s not bad, but it could still be way better. When playing Co-op with friends, not having the actual Ghostbusters can be sort of ok because you actually get a sense of you and your friends actually being the Ghostbusters, but they really could have made it more entertaining.

In conclusion I think that this game is only really worth buying if you’re a hardcore Ghostbusters fan, or you have a good friend who will play it with you. There is also local Co-op so if you have a friend or brother or someone that can play as well then go for it, but to me this is a co-op game, and nothing else. If anything I would say better use of Ghostbusters characters, better use of Ghostbusters location (most are just stolen from the original video game) and better single player. This game has its faults, but for £7.19 you will have some fun out of it, but if you would rather pick up some DLC for another game that you love, I would.


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