Those who have signed up for PlayStation Plus, will already know how great it is. As well as a plentiful supply of free PSN titles, PSOne Classics, Minis, Dynamic Themes and Avatars. PlayStation Plus members also have the added benefits of  Automatic Downloads, Full Game Trails and Cloud Game Save storage. So it’s fair to say it’s pretty elite stuff. But how do show off your Plus badge of honour? Well in addition to the Golden Plus next to your name on your Friends List and VIP access to the PlayStation Plus Lounge in PlayStation Home, you can now share your elitism all over the web with the brand new PlayStation Plus-tinted Trophy Cards.

They are currently available in nine flavours, be sure to to visit and update your Trophy Card today and if you’re not a PlayStation Plus member already, you can purchase a 1 year or 90 Subscription from the PlayStation Store. More details can be found right here

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