For those who love Killzone 3 will be pleased to know, that Guerilla games will be releasing the new Steel Rain DLC tomorrow, but for those are part of the PlayStation Plus Subscription, you can get this completely free! Yes for those who are part of the PlaySation Plus can download it for this month in April. But lets get a clip to show you what it looks like first shall we:

Producer at Guerrilla Games Aryeh Loeb :

Steel Rain consists of two explosive new multiplayer maps inspired by locations from the single player campaign: Junkyard, a Guerrilla Warfare map which sees Jetpacks and Exoskeletons clashing in a rain-drenched junk processing facility; and Stahl Arms, a uniquely styled Warzone map set on the factory floor of one of Helghan’s largest weapons manufacturing plants.

For those of you who are not part of PlayStation Plus fear not! The DLC is on the PlayStation Store for everyone for €4.99 :)

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