We here at PlayStationer loved the first EyePet game. It brought the impressive world of Augmented Reality to the PlayStation 3 way be Nintendo seemingly ‘invented’ it for the 3DS. So we are once again delighted to hear Sony announce EyePet & Friends. This time instead caring for one of those little scamps, the fun is doubled with two EyePets bounding around your living room at the same time!

Details are a little thin on the ground at the moment, but from what we can gather this will be a PlayStation Move-required game, completely doing away with the Magic Card that the original EyePet made use of before it was later patched and re-released as the ‘Move Edition’ What we do know is that players can raise two EyePets together or share the responsibilities with other family members. It also seems that EyePet 2 will join Sony’s ever growing ‘Play.Create. Share’ stable of games, with the ability to create your content and clothing via the brand new ‘Creativity Centre’

In addition to brand new mini games and ways to interact with your duo of EyePets, the new game also promises to allow EyePet owners to share their pets adventures with others online as well as being able to swap tips and tricks with like minded PS3 owners. Those lucky enough to own a 3DTV will be able to truly bring their EyePets into the home, as EyePet & Friends will be playable in 3D.

It would be great to see EyePet & Friends link up with the upcoming Sony NGP device. Just imagine taking you EyePet out and about we you, interacting with the outside world and fellow NGP owners. The possibilities are endless. What would you like to see added to EyePet & Friends? Did your heart melt for the charms of the original or are you far to manly to play games like that? Discuss over in the forums or leave a comment below.

Look out for more EyePet 2 details on PlayStationer ahead of it’s release later in the year. EyePet, EyePet ‘Move Edition’ and EyePet PSP are available now from all good retailers.

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