Recently today, Sony has announced a Price cut for the PlayStation Portable for Europe.

For those who are living in Europe, the price of the PlayStation Portable was 169.99 Euro’s but with the recent price cut today, it has been moved down to 129.99 euro’s. SCEE has announced that the price cut is only for main parts of Europe, and there will be no price cuts for the UK consumers.

Sony also have two PSP price drop,  from one being in last year in october for the PSP Go from $249 to $199, and early this year in february for the PSP which droped from $169.99 to $129.99 for the USA.

But they did mention, there top 10 titles in Europe have been dropped down also the price of only 9.99 Euros in Europe. So maybe they are starting looking forward into the direction for the new NGP releasing later this year?

With its new name to be announced possibly in the coming months, it looks like Sony could just be working on there new portable gaming device. They plan to release NGP ( Code name for the Next Generation Portable ) Should be hitting our shelves by the end of 2011, with the NGP including great graphics on the move, as well as 3G Connectivity and more.

We will keep you all updated with more news on discounts, as well as more news on the PlayStation Portable and NGP here on the website!

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