*Drumroll please*

It’s been a long two weeks and with so many entries later and all security checks passed we have ourselves a winner. :D And our winner is: ME!!!!.


Just kidding, although I really do wish I could have entered for such an awesome prize for any dedicated home fan to have in their life. :P


But before I announce our very lucky winner, I would like to thank all who entered and let you all know we are grateful you joined us for this competition. Oh, did I say that this may have been our first, but far from our last competition so keep checking daily as you never know what might pop up! :)

And now the moment you have all been waiting for. Our winner is:


Congratulations Pacman-Ownage! We wanted to add this video, just to give it a nice feel, and to show that we did it fairly :)

So Pacman-Ownage, check your inbox! As you may just of got a email from us, with instructions on how to get your hands on the prize! :)

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