Diaries at the ready PlayStationers – Sony will hold their annual E3 Conference on June 6th, the day before the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2011 goes into full swing. E3 is like Christmas for gamers, as many unseen and unannounced projects are finally revealed. Last year saw the unveiling of PlayStation Move and an impromptus visit from Sony VP of Everything – Kevin Butler.

Whether or not KB will be on hand again this year to deliver Jack Tretton an ice cold Coke remains to be seen. However expect the final name and release date for Sony’s new portable gaming device – codenamed NGP to be announced, along with a whole host of 3rd party titles for it. Expect even more 3D compatible games to be announced too. Amongst the rumors already doing the rounds are the reveal of a new title from Metal Gear creator and dinner revealer Hideo Kojima. The possible reveal of GTA5 as well as more information on Rockstar’s PS3 exclusive – Agent. Also tipped for reveal are some major Sony IPs including Warhawk follow-up Starhawk, Quantic Dream’s new title and something new from Gran Turismo devs Polyphony Digital.

We here at PlayStationer are already excited to see what goodies the fine folk at Sony have up their sleeves. Be sure to check back right here nearer the event, for details on where you can view the conference and at what time. Until then book the week off work, order a comfy chair and stock up on teabags. Come June 6th the World of PlayStation is gonna get a whole load more exciting.

Oh and….

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