Do you feel your desk at home is dull and boring? Do you want to have a bit of your favourite game with you as you pretend to be working *cough* I mean as you fill out those reports that were due 3 days ago? Well fear not, DC Unlimited and Guerilla Games team up to bring you these amazing figurines;

Its been clinically proven by our scientists* here at the Laboratory that it will dramatically improve your mood and facial expressions, sure just look these images of the tests we carried out.

Before :

After :

See ! Theres two variations available at the moment, Helghan Assault Infantry and Helghan Sniper, which you can buy from DC Unlimited through Amazon, Prices start from $20, which is around the same in Euros and Pounds.

Helghan Assault Infantry : Click Here

Helghan Sniper : Click Here

Im still waiting for them to bring out the Helghan Trooper costume, so I can go around the back garden looking for the ISA…….. Until then I’ll settle for this.


*Yeah, Scientists have actually proven this……….. Computer Scientists that is :D

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