Hello all!

Roll up, Roll up! We finally have another competition for you guys to win some amazing goodies! Thanks to our friends over at Lockwood Publishing and Outso. We’re giving 3 codes away to there new apartment, which has not been released for the public to purchase just yet! But fear not, we’ve got a tour of the space for you guys to have a look at and the chance to win one:


So how do I enter?

There is 2 ways, you can either add Troothpaste on PlayStation Network on your PS3 and have a tour of the space, as well as have a go on the mini-game.

The top 3 scorers will get entered into a hat, where one will win one of the codes!

Or if your looking for something even easier, but with a bit of fun twisted into the competition too.

All you have to do is head over to the forums to the Blasters Paradise Competition Thread ! and all you need to do, is reply saying the following:

“I want a Sodium 2 Appartment”

Pretty simple? Your more than welcome to add something to it if you must :P Of course you have to be a member to enter, but don’t worry it takes less that 30 seconds to register if your not a member!

We must add that this competition is only available for Europe, but we are in talks with Lockwood to give some codes for the USA, but you will have to cross your fingers for now.

Any questions, post in the comments below, and I will try my absolute best to try answer them for you!

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