You may remember about 2 weeks ago, Capcom went mad with releasing information about their latest and greatest games that are in production. As I watched the launch titles slowly appear on Twitter, one name popped up that I didn’t expect to see! Dead Rising 2.

If you read my Dead Rising 2 review, you would know I’m a massive fan of zombies and all to do with them, so when I saw that a new Dead Rising game was coming out so soon really got me wondering, how on earth did they pull that off? After reading into the new Dead Rising game it became clear that this is more of a spiritual successor of Dead Rising 2, in fact the game is called Dead Rising 2: Off The Record. The game is still set in the wonderful Fortune City in Las Vegas, Still has the same story and still has (from what I’ve read) the same main characters, except one, Mr Chuck Greene.


Ok, so no Chuck, same place, same people, so you’re probably asking yourself the same question I was, what’s the difference? Well apart from a whole new range of psychos to have epic battles with, or little scuffles with depending on your skill level, an extended map, and altered and possibly longer story, and Chucks replacement. Frank West, the original Dead Rising zombie slayer. The purpose of this game is purely based upon the question: What if Frank West was there instead of Chuck? As I said this game features new missions, new psychos, and extended map and new weapons, so hopefully Capcom will really do them selves proud with this one and frankly, I cant wait. More Zombie Slaying Dead Rising action? Yes Please. View the trailer below. (Dead Rising 2: Off The Record due to release this fall)




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