If you have any sense, then chances are you’ll have already picked up a copy of Valves awesome First Person Puzzler – Portal 2, which was released last week – Just before the Dark Times (before the Empire). However if you still need some convincing them give Josh’s excellent Portal 2 Single Player review a read (Spoiler Alert – I think he liked it). Either way good news is afoot, as the folks at Valve have confirmed that Portal 2 DLC will be arriving this Summer and is expected to be revealed “in a week or so” Speaking to the Fast Company website, Valve VP of Marketing Doug Lombardi, also added that the DLC announcement will also be supported by “more videos or more comics” so hopefully we’ll get a few more of those excellently voiced Aperture Infomercials, leading up to the DLCs release.

Portal 2 is a must play for any PS3 owner. It’s release on PlayStation 3 marks a huge turning point for Valve, whose co-founder Gabe Newell famously bellowed his dislike for the Sony platform on numerous occasions, before revealing Portal 2 at Sony’s E3 Conference last year. He also announced that the PS3 version of Portal 2 would include Steamworks integration, making the PS3 version “the best version for any console”. Early reports suggest it’s not selling fantastically well on PS3, which make me sad. It’s a well paced, well designed and extremely hilarious little game that deserves to be played and enjoyed by PS3 owners. So much so that we here at PlayStationer.net promise to give you a delicious Cake* if you run to the shops right now and buy a copy. Hopefully it’ll sell well enough to show Valve that PlayStation 3 is a worthy platform to release their games on.

UPDATED 29/04/11 Valve have revealed that the upcoming Portal 2 DLC – DLC#1 will be free. It’ll provide test subjects with all new test chambers, online leaderboards, a challenge mode for both single and multiplayers and more. Additional Cake has yet to be confirmed.

*Please be aware that legally obliged to inform you that there is no Cake – yep The Cake is a lie. But you should still buy a copy. You’ll thank you later (hopefully with Cake).

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