Hey guys, so a lot has happened this week, especially on the PlayStation Network side of things. I hope we have informed you enough as to what happened. We will be sure keep you up to date, next week as well. Hopefully with PSN being back online once more.

If you haven’t heard from Alex ( AMG999222 ) recent post, Sony have to decided to give us a ‘ Welcome Back ‘ present, with us waiting patiently, you can check full details here: Link

This week has been tiring with the news of the whole PlayStation Network situation, but there has been a bright side this week too, with Valve announcing that we will get a DLC pack FREE for Portal 2. Which is fantastic news, for those who love the Portal 2 game. Not only that, we show you a teaser of the new Call of Duty- Black Ops Escalation – Call of the Dead.

But lets see what happened this week:

Hope you enjoyed your weekend, and we hope to bring you more news next week!


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