Atlus have today revealed the sheeptastic ‘Love is Over’ Deluxe Edition of their upcoming US release of  Catherine. Billed as an erotic, puzzle-platforming, adventure game, Catherine has gained the attention of gamers across the globe, since it’s Japanese release, for it’s downright nuttiness. The ‘Love is Over’ edition includes a ‘Empty’ T-shirt, as worn by the games resident sexpot Catherine. A pair of fetching pink spotted mens boxers, as sported by the games would-be hero Vincent. Also included is a Catherine pillow case, CD Soundtrack and an artbox. All this is packaged together in a “Stray Sheep” Pizza box. Atlus announced the US release of the game back in March and it’s due for release there in July. Sadly there is no word on a UK release for Catherine, and given Atlus’ lack of UK/European offices, it may fall to another publisher to bring this bonkers game to our shores. Until then all we can do is count sheep and hope one day Catherine will the light of day in Europe.

Source: Atlus Faithful

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