Evening All,

So, some may have noticed, that we were revealing something, and here it is!  We would like to unveil to you all today a cool new gadget for you all to play with, The Playstationer.net Signature Generator !

This is a great way to pass on to others, to show what level you currently are, and how many trophies you have collected so far!  We are always making new signature designs, and if you have any requests, go to our forums or tweet us on twitter @PlayStationerEU .

I would create a much longer post, however my fingers need a rest, with all the coding I’ve been doing last week, and today. But I hope you will explore our new signature page, and enjoy the Signatures.

Anyway, Heres a demo :

After you have created one, and embedded it onto a web page, Your stats will automatically update every 10 minutes and your avatar will update every 24 hours.

To create your very own Trophy Signature, go to : http://playstationer.net/signatures/

Enjoy !


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