Wow wow and well more wow

There was rumours building about a leaked video of the NGP’s XMB interface and these rumours were true a video has finally made it’s way to youtube showcasing the NGP’s stylish modern and smooth new XMB menu.

Awesome I know but what i will point out first is the clock and data  are mere cosmetic here and are not finished product but put that aside and look at the run of the XMB both with it’s fresher feel and very modern appeal even other aspect’s shown within the video I.E The store have a fresh new face to them too when coupled with the NGP things look smoother and better than ever and shows that it’s predecessor the PSP is exactly that a thing of the past.

Now with this recent footage do you think sony have went in the right direction here as with it’s predecessor it was universally  the same XMB to coincide with the PS3 do you think branching out is the way to go here as always  post your opinions in comments and ill get back to you


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