As you have probably heard by now, PSN is fully up and running in the US. The status of Europe is unknown right now with near to no reports of any online activity across the EU, so what we thought we’d do (as were so nice) is make you a map of which countries PSN is currently online in within Europe. Sony did the same for the US, but haven’t done so for the EU, and we got bored of waiting. We will keep the map updated regularly, adding information to it as soon as it comes through from PlaystationEU’s Twitter feed. Make sure you keep checking back regularly so you can know for sure where PSN is up and running.

= Online for that specific country

Countries in Europe with up and running PlayStation Network:

– All countries in Europe now have PlayStation Network.


In the mean time, why not tweet us on twitter @PlaystationerEU as we are happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.


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