Another week begins and yet more Pre-E3 announcements hit the web. Hot on the heels of their Mortal Kombat Klassic Arcade Kollection reveal last week, it’s WB Games turn again. Today they have announced Gotham City Impostors. A download-only first player shooter, that will pit two teams of four players against one another as they battle for control of a unhinged Gotham City. Although set in the Batman universe you will not get to play as the Caped Crusader or the Clown Prince of Crime, instead players assume the roles of highly customizable vigilantes or villains, who’ll fight in the name of Team Bats or Team Jokerz.

Although not connected to Rocksteady’s highly anticipated upcoming sequel – Batman Arkham City, we’ve guessing Gotham City Impostors will launch around the same time in order to build excitement for Arkham City’s late October release. Gotham City Impostors is due for release on the newly re-built PlayStation Network soon and is being developed by F.E.A.R creators Monolith Productions. For more information and to receive updates about Gotham City Impostors head over to Stay tuned to for all the latest E3 news and announcements.


Source: @WB_Games_UK and Press Release

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