Ladies n Gentlemen of Playstation Home we like to announce the following – developer team Lockwood Publishing have been thinking about running a fashion competition for a little while; but only now have they confirmed it will happen.

Playstation Home users will submit fashion shots of their Avatars in Home in their favourite outfits. We’ll be running a fashion shoot party where people turn up in their glad rags and try for the most impressive/dramatic shots possible or you can come along to vote for your winners.

This event will be much like the VICKIE Valentine competition with entries being e-mailed to Lockwood, a short list being selected and then an overall winner being voted for by the Home Community via the Lockwood Facebook Page.                                                                                           

We’ll have more details on the competition in the next week or so, while you wait why not you start picking out an outfit for the party, hope to see you all there

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