Sony Computer Entertainment Japan have today announced a new brand range of games to hit PlayStation 3 called PSP Remaster. As the title suggests PSP Remaster will see some of PlayStation Portables greatest title, enhanced and re-released on Blu-ray for PS3. Games added to the PSP Remaster range will feature improved HD graphics, additional content, DUALSHOCK3 support and in some cases even 3D Support will be added to the titles. Online mulitplayer will also be supported via the Ad-Hoc Party app for PlayStation 3. But that’s not everything, PSP Remaster titles will also include cross-compatible saves, meaning you’ll be able to use the same data from the original PSP version with the newly remastered PS3 version. No word on if Trophy Support will also be implemented.

The first and only title announced so far in the PSP Remaster range is Capcom’s Monster Hunter 3rd, which will hit the Japanese market later this year. Although no details were announce for other markets, the Press Release is worded in a way that suggests the PSP Remaster brand will be heading to Europe and America. There have been numerous rumours of a God of War Portable Collection doing the rounds, and it would be great to see HD remastered versions of Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta re-released for PS3. It’s also safe to say a PSP Remaster version of Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker will see the light of day. Series creator Hideo Kojima commented a few months back about Cloud Saves and how the ability to play a game on a home console and then picking up play on a portable device was something that interested him.

The PSP Remaster range joins Sony’s other HD remake range Classics HD, that has seen hit PlayStation 2 titles remastered in High Definition and re-released on PS3. Unlike other companies who simply port the older titles to their latest consoles, it’s great to see Sony delving into their rich heritage, whilst at the same time making use of their latest technologys to offer improved and additional gameplay experiences. But if they continue to announce stuff before E3 has even started, all their conference presentation will involve is Jack Tretton and Kaz Hirai making balloon animals on stage for 45 minutes……….actually that wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

Source: SCEJ and Andriasang

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