We haven’t done one of these in a while, mainly because last week was so hectic with the PlayStation Network becoming back online once more, and just like many others, I wanted to sort my account out! However, this week I’ve been playing back online with Co-Op on Portal 2 with a friend called Agamer, and had a great time playing it.

However this weekend L.A Noire was released, so you can probably already tell that I did go out and buy this game. So far, so good! A review is still be created and should be up in the coming days, so keep a eye out on our blog!

So what’s happened in these past 2 weeks:

So a lot has happened, we’ve noticed that there hasn’t really been any reviews lately, so I do apologies, more reviews will be available in coming days! :)

Hope you all had good weekend!

PlayStationer.net Team

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