The title said’s it all really. Sony have released there own E3 site. At the moment in gives you some titles with videos, such as Twisted Metal, Rachet & Clank: All for One, as well as Infamous and a couple of others!

There is also a NGP Product preview, give you a slight indication that attendees heading to E3, will be able to get there hands on the next PlayStation Portable ( Codename: NGP – Next Generation Portable )

As well as information regarding the Conference, with the date and time, as well for the PlayStation Booth.

You can find the PlayStation E3 Website, by heading here ( Opens Window )

or you go to:

We will keep you updated with information regarding this site. As well all news relating to PlayStation from the E3 Expo! So keep checking back here, for all the information regarding PlayStation at the Electronic Entertainment Expo!


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