The word Hero is banded about far too often these days, you make someone a cup of tea – you’re a hero, you open the door for someone – you’re a hero, you save a puppy from a burning building – you’re a….well ok maybe it’s fitting for that last one, but you get the point. In 2010 a true hero stepped forward, a vanquisher of Evil, a dispenser of Justice and a wearer of thongs, that hero was DeathSpank.

Hothead Games have revealed via Kotaku, that a third and final chapter in DeathSpanks hilarious quest is due this summer, subtitled The Baconing.  They promise improved combat and gameplay elements, that will build upon the fun-filled world of the original titles. The first two games could be a little bit repetitive, but those who took the time to explore the world and characters that inhabited it, would have found a truly laugh out loud gaming experience. Both of the first two games offered co-operative gameplay and it appears The Baconing will continue the trend as DeathSpank is joined by a new sidekick – Bob From Marketing. As with all marketing types Bob can shoot lasers from his eyes and eat people in-order to regain health. That sentence alone proves DeathSpanks next adventure will continue with the unique brand of humour of the first two titles.

Join DeathSpank in his search for the hallowed Fires of Bacon later this year via the PlayStation Network. Further information should be revealed at E3, until then enjoy this teaser trailer.

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