What’s that coming over the hill, is it a Chimera? Short answer – no, instead Sony and Insomniac Games have another monster announcement. First up Resistance 3 will be invading UK shores from September 9th, our extensive PAL region stable mates will be getting their international hands on it from September 7th. As with Insomniacs other PS3 Exclusive Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, Resistance 3 will have several pre-order bonuses available via selected retailers.

Pre-order Bonus 1 – SRPA Black Ops Multiplayer Skin

Hit the Resistance 3 Mulitplayer in style with deadly SRPA Black Ops skin. The first encounter with these mysterious government agents was in Resistance Fall of Men. However they were always dead, so hopefully you’ll fair better when heading out to the online battlefield.

Pre-order Bonus 2 – Infected Nathan Hale Multiplayer Skin

Mr Hale was a naughty little solider, be not taking his medicine the deadly Chimera virus completely ravished him at the end of Resistance 2, and no amount of Calpol will help him now. Still you can relive the good old times with this Nathan Hale Multiplayer skin.

Pre-order Bonus 3 – Air Fuel Grenade

If you enjoy air, grenades and fuel then this is the pre-order bonus for you my friend. Barbecue Chimea in style with the Air Fuel Grenade, and give yourself a flamed-grilled advance in the single player campaign.

Pre-order Bonuses 4 & 5 – Multiplayer titles & Booster

Special multiplayer title: “Sentinel”

“Pledge your allegiance to the elite unit of the SRPA – the Sentinels – with this multiplayer title, exclusive to pre-order customers.”

Multiplayer booster

“Get an early advantage on the multiplayer battlefield by starting the fight at level 5 – and gain access to a range of character and weapon customization options.”

Pre-order Bonus 6 – Chimera Tooth Necklace

Yes saved the best until last, with an actual wearable necklace. This rustic looking collectible is amongst the best pre-order bonuses ever. Use it to impress your fellow gamer or to pick up girls, by telling them you killed an actual vampire and made his fangs into a necklace. Either way you will emanate coolness.

Pre-order bonuses are neat and all that, but what about a special edition I hear you cry. Well the folks Sony Computer Entertainment have you covered with the announcement of the Resistance 3 Special Edition.

The Resistance 3 Special Edition will include all of the above Pre-order bonus DLC and comes housed in a Steelbook case, that features Olly Moss’ excellent cover art. The Special Edition also features a very special vinyl record (ask you parents kids) effect Blu-ray disc to add to that old time American charm.

Here at PlayStationer.net we’re suckers for a juicy Collectors Edition to geek up the place, and it doesn’t get juicer or indeed geekier than the Resistance 3 Survivors Edition.

The Resistance 3 Survivor Edition features everything listed above and then some. A Resistance Branded canvas satchel, a pack of SRPA playing cards, Capelli’s Journal, a Chimera firing range target poster, a bag of Chimera Toy Soldiers and a SRPA Hip Flask! And we thought the inFAMOUS 2 Hero Edition was over the top awesome. We’re currently looking at ways to get our paychecks paid directly to Sony, but until then be sure to share your thoughts on the Pre-order bonuses and Special/Survivors Editions over in the PlayStationer Forums and as soon as we know where you can pre-order any of the above mentioned goodies we’ll update you via our Twitter Feed so be sure to give us a right good following.

Resistance 3 will be available exclusively on PlayStation 3 September 7th/9th



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