Electronic Entertainment Expo is coming up, and everyone is getting very excited about it. With many new titles to be released, as well as exclusives and much more. We could even see the famous, Kevin Butler to arise back on that stage once more!

However we wanted to make it easier for you guys to catch the conferences at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. So we’ve created a special PlayStationer E3 website for you guys & gals to catch all the conference live. We’re currently using Ustream, broadcasted by Gamespot. You will find each section for Sony, Nintendo, Ubisoft, EA and Microsoft.

Although, yea we support Sony mainly its great to be able to watch the other companies suffer bring to E3. We support, and are looking forward to the whole event in general. With Nintendo releasing their new console, it will be interesting to see what they have done to improve their graphics, and to see what new features they bring.

However as always we will be mainly focusing on what Sony are up to this year at E3. We will be posting as much as possible with news flying in from all angles. We will be sure to get all the information here on our Blog.

To visit the PlayStationer E3 websites go to www.e3.PlayStationer.net

Also keep a eye on twitter, as we will be giving new information about E3 in the coming weeks!

That’s all this week, but keep eye on our blog for more information regarding E3!

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