Locust_Star, PlayStation Home Community Manager has recently announced on the Official PlayStation US Blog, that you be able to watch part of the E3 2011 Conference in PlayStation Home.


For the first time ever, PlayStation Home will host a live public video stream of the Sony E3 press conference on Monday, June 6 at 5pm Pacific Time in a special screening room. You can watch SCEA President and CEO Jack Tretton reveal all of the big E3 announcements and watch never-before-seen footage of tons of upcoming PS3 and NGP titles.


However it hasn’t be confirmed that it will be shown in the other regions. However, the PlayStation Home E3 Virtual Booth will be making a big return again this year! You will be able to look around in the E3 Virtual Booth to see what new content is coming, with Trailers of the new titles. There will also be a surprise in the E3 space of a Huge 3D Rendered NGP!

Home Community Manager:

Be sure to visit the E3 Booth in Home at the start of the show on Tuesday, June 7 at 12pm Pacific Time and earn exclusive virtual items as you visit the different areas in the virtual E3 booth. Once you unlock all the virtual items, you’ll be able to check out Home content in the VIP area and play the first level of Scribble Shooter – an upcoming top-down, shoot-em up game featuring hand-drawn enemies that is being designed to look as if you’re playing on a notepad — as well as a Heavy Water package with active virtual items. Why spend money on a plane ticket to LA when you can attend E3 right from your PS3?


We will keep you updated with everything relating to PlayStation Home and E3 2011 here at If you haven’t already checked out our E3 Website, which will be streaming live of the whole expo, so remember to bookmark it for E3 this year!

It’s been confirmed that the Streaming in PlayStation Home of Sony Conference, will only be streaming with the US and will not be streamed in Europe, Asia or Japan.


No Home stream for Europe this year. I’m working with the Home team to sort streaming out for EU in future, but it’s not ready yet.

Source: PlayStation US Blog

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