There has been a lot of chitchat about the Next Generation Portable recently, in fact it’s one of the most talked about gaming devices this week. Why you ask? Well, its because the official name of the NGP has been leaked, and its apparently going to be called the PlayStation Vita. I know, it sounds like a biscuit or something of that sort but it actually means ‘Life’ in Italian. Do Sony want to take over our lives with this new PlayStation? Who knows, anyway your probably left wondering how this information actually got out!


Sony recently released their E3 website (see article:  and someone managed to find the word ‘PSVita’ within the websites source code. Since then Sony has removed the word from its source code. If one leak is not enough for you then check this out. By conducting a simple Google search for “ps vita” reveals yet another leak. The NGP page on the official US PlayStation website reveals the hidden name and future options for the NGP or Vita page within the Google description.

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Personally I dislike this name, NGP sounded awesome, it was like you were going have the future in your hands! Vita sounds like something that should be consumed with cheese. The name however doesn’t put me off buying one as the NGP really does look awesome and I cant wait to get my hands on it. We will have to wait and see what happens at E3, by then Sony could have changed the name (Which is very unlikely) and made me look like a complete fool for writing this post! Either way I can’t wait until this device sees the light of day.


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