The EA E3 Conference has just come to a close, although it lacked any major surprises or killer announcements, a few snippets of information were revealed, check out a brief summary below.

  • Mass Effect 3 is set to conclude in March 2012.
  • Need For Speed The Run will feature on-foot QTE prompted sections as well as an updated version of the Autolog Recommendation System.
  • SSX will be released in January 2012 and will allow you to defy reality and rule the planet, across real world Mountain ranges.
  • FIFA 12 introduces ‘Football Club’ a new social feature that links and tracks all versions of FIFA in a single multi-accessible place.
  • Insomniac Games new Multiformat IP was revealed – it’s called Overstrike and is a four player co-op action game. Featuring near feature special agents known as the Overstrike 9.
  • Battlefield 3 launches October 25th just before Modern Warfare 3 and will feature additional social features known as Battlelog, EA were keen to point out Battlelog will be totally free, unlike Activision’s COD Elite Subscription Service. EA also announced that the BF3 Multiplayer BETA kicks off in September.

Expect more in-depth details later this week as E3 get into full swing. Discuss all the EA announcements over in the Forum

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