If Sony didn’t pack their E3 press conference with enough awesomeness and all round win for you, then your probably missed the part when they announced their new PlayStation 3D Display. Until now, 3D gaming has been an expensive option and not accessible to all gamers but now Sony have stepped their game up by offering a new PlayStation branded 3D Display. The screen packs a 24 inch HD screen with a really awesome feature which allows you to see to different screens at once when playing split screen depending on your perspective.







Sony are really pushing the bar on how committed they are to 3D, this I think was a move worth taking as PlayStation 3 is the only fully 3D gaming console on the market. As well as the 3D Display itself, the package also includes a pair of affordable 3D Glasses which charge via USB and a copy of Resistance 3. All this for only $499! Compared to prices of 3DTV’s you really are getting a killer discount here. I have listed the official Sony tech specs for the Display below so you can the guts of this beast for yourself.

Here are the specs for the 3D Glasses as well.

What do you think of the 3D Display? Why not make a post in the forum and start up the discussion? The 3D Display is an excellent way to introduce gamers into the world of 3D at an affordable price, and I may just have to pick one up when they come out, after all, who said your office doesn’t need a TV, and why not make it a 3D one!


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