Recently Spain has announced that it has arrested 3 suspected members of the Cyber group anonymous, last week on Friday. According to a Spanish Police Officer the computer seized by one of the members arrested, was used in the opteration attack against Sony and many other hack organised by Anonymous.

They we’re found in 3 different locations in Spain, Barcelona, Valencia and Almeria. Its been told that further arrests have been made in the US, UK and Holland of Anonymous members, because of the recent actions.

Spanish Police website, has also be hacked since the recent arrests, last week on Saturday, however the attack only made the site go down for a hour or so. According to a Spokesman at, had this to say:

“A website can collapse if too many people try to access it at once. I cannot confirm the link with the Anonymous group,”

So could we finally see those responsible for these attacks against Sony & PlayStation Network? Leave your comment below, or head over to our forum.

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