So it seems those fiendish coders were successful in finding the official name for the Next Generation Portable or now the PlayStation Vita. Sony seemed to cover it for the best part of their E3 press conference and it really does look awesome but I couldn’t help but notice there was a few things Sony haven’t told us about the PS Vita just yet. Not to worry though because your old pals at Playstationer are here to give you the info on the PS Vita!


  1. Most of the PlayStation Vita’s games will be downloadable. Yes I was shocked to but this isn’t quite a PSP Go, it’s like a PSP Go on steroids that was mothered by an iPhone and fathered by a PS3. Some bigger games such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss will require the new game media that Sony is using with the Vita, but they will keep the majority as downloads! They had better up the speed of them PS Store downloads if they don’t want another PSP Go scenario on their hands! 
  2. You can’t hold the Vita the same as you hold the PSP. You may have realised that the PS Vita has rear handgrips, and they are there for a reason! Reports show that most games that people have played whilst holding the Vita with their fingers resting on the rear touchpad have generally not worked to well and asked them to remove their fingers from the touchpad. Seems feasible and not really too much of a problem. 
  3. The buttons are smaller than the buttons on the old PSP. This isn’t really a biggie, but the buttons are supposedly smaller than the PSP buttons. On the up side they apparently feel far more reliable and click when you press them. Sounds pretty sturdy huh?
  4. The analogue sticks are tiny to! Like the buttons the dual analogue sticks are small to but supposedly fit well under the thumb, although ease of use varies depending on the game. I personally can’t see this being much of a problem considering some games used the X, Square, Circle and triangle  buttons to aim! That is a real nightmare and no matter what size, analogue sticks are a blessing! 

So that’s what we’ve found so far, if we’ve missed any please don’t hesitate to tweet us @PlaystationerEU or leave a comment on this post or in the forums under the PlayStation Vita section! I can’t wait to get my hands on this 3G, steroid using, dual analogue, and multi-touch gaming powerhouse. We will have the latest PS Vita news as it comes in; so don’t forget to keep checking back for the latest PlayStation coverage!


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