Did someone say Vroom!!! :D. Well Vroom it is tommorrow will see the launch of the highly anticipated highly awaited Successor to sodium one “Sodium two Project Velocity”

Check out the teaser trailer below

Also coming this week are the stitchkins old mother hubbard has been working hard with her knitting needles to get these cuddly and cute companions to home.

How Awesome do they look eh :D now back to a very serious note.Playstation Home will also receive a global patch update to 1.50.1 this patch will fix the reward bug error that has recently cause issues with consumers so just in time to earn all those rewards that will come in a few weeks with the aurora 1.1 update more on that another day

And finally many requested it and it is now finally here hitman makes it’s debut in home tommorrow with one of the most epic looking avatars ive seen check out the outfit below

That’s all this week look foward to seeing you in home this thursday

As always take care homies


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