Sodium 2 finally arrives! After months after seeing images of the spaces, and beta codes being sent out for users to test the space. Lockwood and Outso are proud to finally release Sodium Two on PlayStation Home:

There is some very exciting news this week for PlayStation Home users. Lockwood Publishing are proud to announce that Sodium2 – Project Velocity, the sequel to the immensely popular SodiumOne – Salt Shooter, is now here. This free-to-play, futuristic racer makes full use of Home’s true potential as a gaming platform and players can expect the following awesome features:

  • A free to access gaming experience – Get straight to the grid and out on the track, anyone can play for free right from the get-go.
  • Real-time Multiplayer Action – Challenge your friends to exhilarating supersonic showdowns to see who has what it takes to cross the finish line ahead of the rest.
  • Customisable Racers – The game’s XP and Sodium Credit systems allow you to continually modify and adjust your craft with new upgrades. Head over to the Sodium Garage and tweak your craft to pick up the pace and stay in the competition.
  • Explosive Soundtrack – A relentless track listing from CoLD SToRAGE, Future Funk Squad and Subjex increase the immersion and further add to the sense of power and speed.

Following a hugely successful closed beta period, during which the game was tweaked and tuned in response to the feedback of brave test-pilots, the game is available now to all PlayStation ® Home users.

Head over to the teleportal in the Sodium Hub or your Blaster’s Paradise apartment now to jump right into your Velocity Racer and get ready to feel those Gs!

Some special treats for owners of the SodiumOne pilot outfit. Enter Sodium2 today and receive an exclusive SodiumOne themed paint scheme for your very own Velocity Racer. Plus there are a strictly limited number of Sodium2 vehicle components rewards available through the Plaza this week.

If you’re after that special boost be sure to head to the Sodium2 Garage for exclusive Launch Offers on Sodium2 Rocket Boosters, or if you can’t wait you can jump straight to the Store from the Sodium2 Garage.

Remember, in any race the view from the front is so much clearer so get there first to avoid disappointment.

We’ve also helped lockwood/outso out, as we’ve created a very special Sodium Two guide for them. You can check it out by going to It holds a guide, and information about Sodium Two, and will get regular updates.

Please note, that site is not connected to Lockwood/Outso, and is updated by us here at PlayStationer. The site will go live tomorrow,  once PlayStation Home comes out of its maintenance.

Keep checking back here for all the content relating to PlayStation Home and Sodium One & Two.

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