An Official Sony Page seems to be confirming an arrival of a new PS3 Slim.

An official Holding Page seems to secure this rumour as it appeared on the tech giants japanese website earlier today

Holding Page  –

This will be a new model but will still hold the basic traits of the current slims we have and use now. For those interest in the new model itself it has a brand new CECH number CECH-3000B.

This model of the slim is rumoured to boast a much lower power consumption level than it’s current counterpart of 200 watts down from 230 watts also it will weigh in at a much lighter 2.6KG and also boast an almighty 320GB HDD which in the current age of gaming is more than enough to support your PSN and PS3 Needs.

This Console will only come in charcoal black as all previous model’s with a rumoured specially produced modelto support the launch of  Tales of Xillia(pictured)

.You can expect this bit of kit to hit the shelves in japan on september the 8th for a respective ¥34,980 (However prices and release date may be subject to change).

There is no official word on EU or NA as of yet but as soon as we know you’ll know

If you like the look and sound of this new model and what it boasts let us know in the comments or in our forum

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