Rumours have been circulating recently that Skype, an application providing users the ability to video and voice chat across the Internet to other users for free when on a home computer or for a small price with compatible devices, may be arriving to the PlayStation Vita. The news has arrived since Sony’s presentation at Brazil revealed Skype to be one of the applications, along with PSN and Wifi, to be featured on the new handheld device as shown from an image posted on GameGeneration.

Users may already know that the PlayStation Portable had the ability to support Skype, which may make this rumour more of a reality. It has also been well known that Microsoft, which rival Sony in the gaming industry, acquired Skype for $8.5 million back in May 2011. However as Sony used Skype’s services before Microsoft’s purchase, both companies could make a good investment if the software was allowed to be used.

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