Rumours of Rockstars next instalment of the Grand Theft Auto series have not been completely unheard of. In fact you may remember that not to long ago there was a major leak of this information from a company casting call. Now however there is even more evidence on the table regarding the next GTA game and where it will quite possibly be set.

It has been reported by sources close to Take-Two interactive (Rockstars mother company) that the next GTA game is well underway at Rockstar and is set for a 2012 release date, which looks pretty likely considering the regular GTA release cycle being about 4-6 years from each other. If you read my previous blog post or blog ‘epic’ as I like to call it, then you would have read my speculations on the next game. It seems that this source is confirming one of them. Remember the image saying ‘it’s the big one’? Well that quote came directly from the source as (yes you guessed it!) they stated that the next GTA game is “the big one”.

This really does seem likely if you’ve read my GTA game logic on how GTA games get better the longer Rockstar work with the systems, if you haven’t I really do urge you to read it now. Rumours had previously suggested that the game was going to be set in Vice City and right now it doesn’t seem that Vice City should be ruled out, but as I said before rumours also suggest that Los Santos (Los Angeles) may well be the setting as well. The source refused to go into any more detail on the matter but with this 2012 release date seeming imminent, Rockstar are bound to announce something soon!

So I suppose we will have to wait and see. When it comes down to GTA news I am all ears so keep an eye on for more news, as I will report it ASAP. They should call me the Grand Theft Correspondent at…no?


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