Unlike it’s predecessor – the PSP, PlayStation Vita will be fully integrated with the PlayStation Network allowing for some pretty exciting new social features. At E3 Sony revealed Vita will come pre-loaded with two unique applications – PlayStation Party and PlayStation Near.

PlayStation Party’s biggest draw is the ability to allow gamers to chat to one another regardless of what game they’re playing. Yes Cross-game Chat finally hits PlayStation. Party will also allowing gamers to join up and arrange some full on multiplayer action.

PlayStation Near is best described as a more advanced version of Nintendo’s SpotPass. Much like your Friends List on the PS3 Near will share Trophy information, who’s playing what nearby and will allow gamers to ‘gift’ virtual items to fellow gamers and friends. As the UKs Wi-Fi network grows the possibilities of PlayStation Near will expand beyond it’s current capabilities, which along with an amazing line-up of software could become Vita’s USP.

And yes PlayStation Vita will allow you to earn PlayStation Network Trophies, so prepare to hear that familiar ‘ding’ on the bus, in the park and on loo – “You have earned a Trophy – Splash back”

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